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The fest-noz

Symbol of Breton culture par excellence, the fest-noz is a particularly festive gathering where the Bretons practice traditional dances to music played by local groups. Now recognised throughout the world, this event was registered a few years ago as part of UNESCO's intangible heritage.

A tradition rooted in local heritage

In Brittany, the fest-noz is an ancestral tradition. A region whose heritage is mainly from rural culture, it comes from the evenings when the farmers, after a day spent together in the fields, would meet and dance joyfully to traditional music played on the spot.

Meaning "night party" in Breton, the fest-noz is a place where people come mainly to dance. Nevertheless, these events are also perfect occasions to get together, meet up and chat over a drink.

Fallen into oblivion after the Second World War, the fest-noz came back to the forefront thanks to the national success of Breton and Celtic music in the 1990s.

International fame and recognition


Every November, a big fest-noz is organised in Rennes, the Breton capital. The event is a great success and welcomes, each year, between 5 and 10,000 participants from different social and geographical backgrounds.

Today, the fest-noz (festoù-noz in the plural) enjoys international recognition thanks to its inclusion on a UNESCO list which aims to ensure a high profile for traditions handed down from generation to generation.

Celebrations and gatherings synonymous with sharing, conviviality and joy, festoù-noz are dear to the hearts of Bretons (of origin or adoption) from all over the world!

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