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A typical northern place

Les Estaminets, halfway between a brasserie and a restaurant, are found in the North of France and in Belgium : there are more than 300 in this beautiful region of French Flanders!

The estaminet, a friendly place

An estaminet is a place that offers beer, tobacco, traditional games as well as typical dishes of the Northern region. The word "estaminet" comes from "staminê," which means "pole room" in Walloon, or "stam" meaning "family."

At the time, they were reserved for men only and workers gathered there to drink, smoke and eat. These places were often home to trade union or political parties. In fact, it was in an estaminet in Lille that the revolutionary song l'International was written in 1871.

Each estaminet has its own history, sometimes they were old village houses, farmhouses or kindergartens. Their decoration is often rustic: wooden countertops, old charcoal stoves, antique furniture...

They serve many varieties of beers as well as traditional dishes such as Flemish carbonnade, Potjevleesch ,Welsh or more classic dishes such as croque-monsieur and spaghetti bolognese. In some estaminets you can play traditional games and listen to typical Flemish music.

Some addresses in the North region:

Le Pain de la Bouche, Lens
41 rue de la Gare
62300 Lens

Estaminet Chez la Vieille
60 rue de Gand
59000 Lille

Estaminet de l'Ancienne Maison Commune
105 Grand Place
59190 Hondeghem

30 rue Massena
59000 Lille

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