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Banana Moon

With its universe inspired by surf culture, the internationally successful beachwear brand could pass for Californian, but it's actually... Monegasque! Ever since the founding couple met a Los Angeles designer in 1984, the swimwear label has been designed and mostly produced on the French Mediterranean coast. A 40-year success story celebrated this summer with the "Paillettes" collection.

Back to basics for an outfit like no other

Although people bathed naked in Antiquity and in shirtsleeves in the Middle Ages, it was with the emergence of thermalism in the 19th century that the first real bathing outfits appeared. This was a far cry from today's swimsuits, with women covering themselves almost entirely to get into the water: baggy pants, long sleeves, a cap over the head...

Admittedly, this provided protection from the sun - which was very much feared at the time - but, as a result, the body did not benefit from the virtues of water sports.
This prompted an Australian swimmer to create a more suitable garment, a sleeveless, form-fitting swimsuit that earned her a conviction for indecency in 1907... This scandal nevertheless helped to gradually lighten the bathing suit (even though the 1st woollen swimsuits could, when wet, weigh up to 3 kg!).
At the same time as Coco Chanel popularized the tanned complexion, another sportswoman - this time American - took a major step forward for this garment, which is closely linked to the evolution of morals, by adopting the 1st 2-piece swimsuit for her crossing of the English Channel. Since then, the clothing controversy has continued to mutate, with the 40s marking a milestone with the appearance of the bikini (on the left). A model that Banana Moon has been offering since its launch.

French chic meets Californian spirit

Knotted, double-breasted, ribbed, lace-up, ruffled, embroidered, crocheted...: swimwear from the 40-year-old brand has always fused French savoir-faire with the multicultural, fun and colorful world of California.

It's an approach adopted by the brand's founders long before the worldwide success of Baywatch, and which, after swimwear, has been extended to a whole range of vitamin-rich beachwear and accessories:

  • Dresses, tunics, shorts, pants,
  • Hats, flip-flops, sunglasses,
  • Towels, foutas, bags, baskets...

Products inspired by luxury (aesthetics, quality of materials, attention to detail) but always in a sporty-casual style with a sexy touch. 

This combination has won over loyal customers who are also sensitive to the brand's ecological commitments, as illustrated by the launch of collections of swimwear recycled from waste recovered from the seabed (Earth Generation) or made from unused or little-used fabric scraps ("upcycled" range).

Put some glitter in your summer

True to its original Californian inspiration, the Banana Moon brand always favors tropical, floral and ethnic prints, inviting you to travel right from the start. A joyful universe illustrated in 2023 by a "jewelry" collection with pieces embellished with multicolored pearls, shells or bamboo-style rings.

In the same feminine, fun and glamorous spirit, the brand is offering a range of sequined swimwear for summer 2024. Subtly or entirely adorned with rhinestones, your swimsuit (bikini, 1-piece or 2-piece) will have nothing to envy to the glitter of the sea or the gold of the sand.

To find the model that will brighten up your next outing to the beach or pool, visit one of Banana Moon's 60 dedicated boutiques or its website.

Have a sparkling summer!

Valérie from Comme des Français



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