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In the footsteps of Claude Monet in Normandy

This road-trip in the footsteps of the painter Claude Monet proposes an itinerary around 3 sites in Normandy that are a must for all Impressionist lovers.

1st step: Giverny

For this road-trip in the Impressionist region, a stop in Giverny is essential. This world-renowned site reflects the very essence of the artistic movement whose main object was the study of light.

Each day's lighting is unique and reveals a particular aspect of the landscape that the impressionists tried to capture. The gardens of Claude Monnet's house were designed with this in mind. The water garden allows the sun's rays to shimmer. It is this play of reflections that has allowed the realization of Monet's most famous paintings such as the famous Water Lilies.

In this bucolic setting, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the heart of the masterpieces of the Impressionists.

2nd step: Rouen Cathedral

At sunset, in the fog, under the "morning effect", in grey weather: the cathedral of Rouen has been represented by Monet in all its aspects. This series of 30 paintings is now distributed throughout the world's greatest museums, in Paris, New York, Moscow, Cardiff, Belgrade, etc.

But if you come to Rouen to admire with your own eyes this cathedral which fascinated Monet so much, stop by the city's Fine Arts Museum where you can admire one of the works of this famous series.
The impressionist collection of the Rouen Museum also includes works by other masters of Impressionism such as Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley, Gustave Caillebotte and Auguste Renoir.

But the Norman museum with the most complete collection of this popular movement is the MuMa of Le Havre.

3rd step: MuMa of Le Havre

Among its 1500 paintings, the MuMa includes more than 80 masterpieces of Impressionism.

It is the most important collection in a provincial city.

The artists most represented in this collection are Eugène Boudin, precursor of the movement (225 of his paintings are on display), Claude Monet (the museum has one of the Water Lilies paintings), Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Albert Marquet and Edgar Degas.

But the MuMa also has many other contemporary paintings, including Post-Impressionist and Fauve works.

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