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The Neufchâtel

Caseology (cheese science) is a tradition which is fully part of the French cultural heritage. The culinary arts, in general, are a flagship field in the art of French life style, but cheese is a true marker of identity. Indeed, with more than 1200 types of cheeses, this product is becoming a must for French gastronomy! This diversity is related to different regional characteristics, such as the nature of the land or the type of livestock farming.

A culinary emblem of Normandy with a folk identity

Neufchâtel is one of the four Norman cheeses with the « Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée », an appellation that aims to preserve the French cultural and gastronomic heritage, with Livarot, Camembert and Pont l'évêque. Oldest Norman cheese, the Neufchâtel corresponds to a know-how practiced for hundreds of years!

It seems that historical narratives dating back to 1035 testify the existence of Neufchâtel, which then became popular as far as England, where it is highly appreciated. During the Hundred Years' War, under English occupation, a legend tells that the inhabitants sympathized with the enemy. This being unethical, the young women, as a proof of their affection for the English soldiers, offered them a heart-shaped Neufchâtel. It was from this discreet sign of love, its famous aspect was born.

Now experts in the poduction of this cheese made from raw cow's milk and orginating from the town of Neufchâtel-en-Bray : we'll leave it up to you now to raise a glass of cider and savour this cheese!

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