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The fortified house of Reignac

In the Dordogne, in the heart of the Vézère valley, the commune of Tursac is home to a real treasure: a fortified house dug into the stone which hides many secrets... The last intact example of a castle-cliff in France, the fortified house of Reignac is an impressive troglodytic dwelling surrounded by caves.

An exceptional historical heritage

In the Middle Ages, the lord, accompanied by his family and his servants, dispensed justice, exercised his power and, above all, protected himself from possible enemy attacks thanks to the powerful firepower offered by its height, its 12 fire hydrants and its multiple stunners.

Hundreds of centuries earlier, this place was already a refuge much coveted by the men of Prehistory; the periods of human occupation of the territory of Reignac are indeed spread over nearly 20,000 years!

A visit to the fortified house of Reignac allows a real immersion in the heart of a period that we know little about: the Middle Ages. This residence hides numerous underground and above ground rooms which present us with an authentic 14th century decor.

A real immersion

Hall of honour, weapons room, kitchen, bedrooms and chapels follow one another. The richness of the furniture presented and the beauty of the architecture testify to the power of the lords of the Périgord.

Classified as a Historic Monument since 1994, this exceptional castle-cliff also presents an internationally renowned exhibition on the theme of torture in the Middle Ages. Sixty authentic instruments bear witness to the cruelty of the punitive practices of the time.

Among all the treasures that Aquitaine has to offer, the fortified house of Reignac is an essential and surprising visit that allows you to understand the history of this region appreciated as much by the French as by foreigners who come to discover our country.

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