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Far Breton

Emblematic of Breton gastronomy, Far Breton is a traditional dessert which, over time, has won the hearts of all French people.

The origins of a success story

Far, which in Latin means "wheat", has been the delight of Breton homes for over three hundred years! Originally salted, in the 18th century it was a dish made from buckwheat flour that was served to accompany meat.

Very simple to make and composed of easily found ingredients, its sweet variant, served and prepared during the great regional festivals and family gatherings, appeared almost immediately and quickly became popular.

If today prunes are one of the main elements of the Breton far recipe, we owe it to the fishermen. In the 19th century, fishermen exchanged cod for a dried fruit from Agen which, rich in vitamin C, helped to prevent scurvy, a terrible disease that decimated sailors. Brittany very quickly adopted the prune and it became part of the traditional recipe for far!

Breton Far today

Today, the French love this cake so much that it has become one of the best-selling regional specialities in bakeries. In the face of this success, many variations of the original recipe have been created. It is now possible to enjoy a Breton far breton with red fruits, apples and even chocolate! But the fame of this dessert comes from its authenticity and its history. To prepare it properly, you will need flour, eggs, sugar, salted butter, and of course, a nice dose of rum. Thanks to it, the prunes will take all their flavour!

Made with ingredients often found in kitchens, Breton far is easy to make. Much more than a simple flan, it is very much appreciated by children. Cooking one can also be a great idea for a family activity. But, to appreciate it in all its flavour, there is nothing better than going directly to Brittany, where the recipe originated.

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