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To be French chic

If we say to you "French chic", you are going to think of haute couture, perfume, a black dress. More than a just dress style, French chic is also an attitude, an ability to look after your appearance without showing it. It’s an innate sense of natural elegance and simplicity that the French effortlessly master.


For women, it goes from subtle make-up, total transparency, to falsely neglected styled hair, accompanied by an elegant perfume. And the dress style?

A striped sailor top, the icon of the French style, the trouser suit, that we owe to Yves Saint-Laurent and the little black dress for a very Coco Chanel style.

For men, clothes adjusted to their morphology, elegant materials, colours that go with the complexion. And attitude and personality come to add detail to the outfit.

Aphélie from Comme des Français




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